Vía Ferrata es un recorrido de montaña único en Centro América que sigue un itinerario de progresión vertical u horizontal y que está equipado con diferentes elementos artificiales.


Equipo con certificaciones internacionales como: Casco, cuerdas semiestáticas, sistemas de descenso semiautomático y sistemas especiales para vía ferrata, son los que se utilizan para realizar esta actividad.


Private property

Located in a private property in the department of Metapan, at 2.30 hours from San Salvador. In this place you can do impressive walks because of its landscapes and wonder forestsorrounding it, you can see a lot of trees and animals.
By evenings and nights, you have the chance to watch deers and on the way, if you're lucky, you can cross paths with the some birds. This activity also includes a walk to a river on the same property.It has a cabin and, if you prefer, you can camp. In the activity of the via ferrata, a rappel of 50 meters high is made first; At the end of it, you ascend by metal steps with a safety cable that were installed as part of the via ferrata system.

  • Minimal number of participants: 4

  • Maximal number of participants: 15

  • 2 days destiny to enjoy the visit and take a look of the place